End Hazara killings

by Daily Times

A genocide has been underway in this country of Shia Hazara community. Dozens have been killed, and countless displaced from their homes, forced into exile to ensure their safety. Our state institutions have failed miserably and multiple times to uphold their constitutional duty to protect Shia Hazaras’ lives and properties. It isn’t as if the killers of the Hazaras are unknown to our security agencies. Its an open secret that takfiri militants associated with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an offshoot to Sipah-e-Sahaba, are behind these killings. The question is: why there hasn’t yet been a crackdown on the LeJ to dismantle its organizational structure? Since the LeJ is a banned outfit, and its association with terrorist acts against the Shia Hazara community is well established, there is absolutely no reason why there must be any delay in a country-wide operation against this outfit like the one carried out against Tehrik-e-Taliban.

The community has been facing a genocide that has only gotten worse over the last decade. In 2013, Quetta’s Alamdar Road witnessed a historic display of resolve and perseverance when members of the persecuted community refused to bury over 100 Hazaras who lost their lives in a bomb blast. The peaceful protesters included many youngsters who had grown up surrounded with death and grief. They stayed outdoors for four days and nights, with the bodies of their loved ones, until governor’s rule was imposed in the province with an assurance that things will change for the better. The state reneged on its promise as the killings and attacks continue to this day.

Sunday’s killing of a Hazara man and his nephew has led to another peaceful protest led by a formidable Hazara activist, Jalila Haider. She has announced a hunger strike till the authorities wake up from …read more

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Hazara women hunger strike in Quetta enters second day

by: Syed Ali Shah

Angered at the killing of two Hazara men on Saturday, members of the persecuted Hazara community are staging a protest in Quetta against the unabated killings of members of their community.

Led by social activist Jalila Haider, the protesters continued their hunger strike outside Quetta Press Club for the second day on Sunday.

The protesters criticised law enforcement and security agencies for their inaction and failure in preventing Hazaras from being murdered with impunity.

The Hazara community also demanded that Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa meet the widows of the deceased men and hear their grievances.

Jalila Haider said that the hunger strike would continue until the Hazara community is provided with adequate security.

Meanwhile, a protest rally was held under the banner of the Balochistan Shia Conference at Shuhada Chowk, Alamdar Road — a Hazara-dominated neighbourhood.

“The people of Balochistan do not want roti, kapra and makaan; all we want is the right to life,” former PPP lawmaker Nasir Shah told the gathering, which was attended by members of the Hazara Democratic Party, the Balochistan National Party, the Jamhuri Watan Party and others.

“Peace is destroyed when the state becomes weak,” he said, criticising the “wrong policies” which have led to “such disastrous circumstances”.

Other speakers commemorated the “over 2,000 Hazaras killed and 3,000 injured in targeted attacks in the past few years.”

Zair Agha, a speaker at the rally, said: “Our neighbourhoods have been turned into orphanages. Our blood has become cheaper than water.”

The protests began after two Hazara men were shot dead in the fourth targeted attack this month in Quetta.

Two members of the community were killed and another was injured in an attack in the Western Bypass area of the city last Sunday. A shopkeeper was gunned down on April 18 while another Hazara man was killed in …read more

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North Korea’s Kim to invite U.S. experts for nuclear site shutdown as Trump presses for full denuclearization

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un plans to invite experts and journalists from the United States and South Korea when the country closes its nuclear test site in May, Seoul officials said on Sunday, as U.S. President Trump pressed for total denuclearization ahead of his own unprecedented meeting with Kim.

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