Sahar Batool

Sarah Botool

By Muhammad Younas

It was early morning of on
“Can you wake the children up?” his wife shouted out from the kitchen.
“OK,” Sakhi said and walked to the children’s room. He slowly pushed the door open and quietly popped his head through the door. All his daughters were in a deep sleep. Sahar, his youngest daughter who was seven was laying sleep beside her elder sisters. He gently knocked the door and called out “wake up children! Time to get ready for the school now!”

Anisa, the eldest ten years old daughter said “OK father,” then rubbing her eyes and nudging Sahar, who was laying sleep beside her on the floor, said “wake up.” Sahar woke up and asked “what time is it?” stretching her arms and legs.

“It’s 7am,” Anisa answered looking on the wall clock but she immediately recalled “Aha! I won’t go to school today. You know, it’s sports day. What about you?”

“If you don’t go, I won’t go,” Sahar replied. Her eldest sister pushed Sahar out of the bed and started making it while Sahar walked to the bathroom to wash her mouth, face and hands. She looked at herself in the mirror, grabbed a tube, squeezed a blob of skincare cream out on her palm and applied it on her face and hands. She also combed her hair and put on the floral hair-band to push her shiny black straight hair away from her pretty face. She hurried to the kitchen.

When her mother saw the girls coming in the kitchen, she said “hurry up children! You’ll be late of your school, if you start breakfast late.”

“Mother, today we have sports day at school and we won’t have any lessons. You know, I don’t like sports. I’ll help you in the kitchen,” Anisa said looking at her mother. …read more

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