Why the Enlightenment Movement of Afghanistan Matters

by @NikValentini

The rally organized in Canberra by thousands of Hazara activists in collaboration with the Enlightening Movement to raise requests of equality, peace and democracy, lift up also one of their main concern: forced deportation to a country in which they risk to face persecution, discrimination, torture and death. Previous agreements and President Ashraf Ghani’s words show that their fears are founded

On 3rd April, Hazara activists in collaboration with the Enlightenment Movement (Junbish-e Roshnai) organized a big rally in Canberra – Australia in which thousands of people took part, but much more have been the people that across the globe ensured their support to this rally.
The demonstration took part during the visit of afghan President Ashraf Ghani in Australia. Visit that end up with the Australia’s four-year $320m aid commitment. The issue of forcible returns of asylum seekers was not discussed, but people in Australia such as around the world are concerned and their fears are legitimate, since, founded on previous agreements on forced deportation and on previous President Ghani’s statements.

The demonstrators well remembered the famous interview in which President Ghani said that he has “no sympathy for Afghan migrants”. Even the choice of the word migrant instead of refugee, shows the President’s attitude towards people who have fled the war-torn country despite the fact that his own children are living peacefully abroad.

A different kind of memorandum of understanding between Australia and Afghanistan was signed in 2011; this memorandum allowed the forcible return of asylum seekers to Afghanistan. Most of the asylum seekers deported from Australia after this formal agreement belonged to the Hazara ethnic group.

Another agreement was signed last year between Afghanistan and EU. With this agreement called “The joint way forward” the EU pledged 13.6 million Euro aids in exchange for …read more

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