Why is Canada still bankrolling the persecution of Afghanistan’s Hazaras?

by Ali Mirzad

Given the Trump administration’s increasingly divisive policies aimed at Muslims and immigrants in general, Canada increasingly is being seen around the world as a safe haven and sanctuary. With its renewed commitment to the UN, its human rights laws and enlightened immigration policy, Canada looks like a bright light in a dark political climate of ethnic scapegoating.

All of which makes Canada’s silence on Afghanistan’s repeated human rights crimes against one ethic group — the Hazaras — deeply troubling.

The Hazaras, who once represented 60 per cent of Afghanistan’s population, were the victims of systemic ethnic cleansing and genocide in the 18th century under the rule of Amir Abdur Rahman Khan. According to the Australian newspaper The Argus, On October 20, 1893, the brutal dictator sold thousands of Hazaras into slavery.

During the Taliban era the Hazaras were once again the target of a campaign of systematic genocide. In early February 1993 a ruthless warlord named Abdul Rasul Sayyaf descended upon Kabul’s Afshar district to launch an orgy of killing, rape and looting. Human Rights Watch and UN reports indicate that thousands were slaughtered, skinned alive and left on the streets for weeks.

Confident in the goodwill of Canada and the international community, Hazaras were among the first to give up their arms and submit themselves to the political process of democracy in Afghanistan. The Afghan government reciprocated with a general amnesty in 2007, granting absolute immunity to warlords responsible for genocide and war crimes such as Sayyaf.

The Hazaras have been the targets of kidnapping and various forms of discrimination ever since Canada’s Afghan engagement began.

In November 2015, a bus was pulled over and all Hazara passengers were decapitated on the side of the road. Among them was a 9-year-old girl named Shukria Tabassum, murdered simply for being a Hazara.

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