An Open Letter from the Poets World-wide to the Hazara, Civil and Human Rights Organizations, Immigration Authorities, and World Leaders

We poets from around the world, proclaim to the Hazara people, that we are in full solidarity with your civic and cultural movements to protect your human rights. We are aware that you are victims of systematic crimes, including genocide, slavery, forced displacement, discrimination, and the invasion of your homeland, Hazaristan. However, like the movements that ended apartheid in South Africa, and the American civil rights movement, your movements such as the Hazara Enlightenment movement will also achieve success. We hear your voices, we reflect it in our poetry, and lift it into contemporary world literature.

Today, the systematic crimes against the Hazara in Afghanistan and Pakistan are proof that the Hazara are being deprived of their human rights. In Afghanistan, where the Hazara are its native people, the government ignores the crimes against the Hazara, and misleads the international community by granting the Hazara a few insignificant government posts.

Some of the most recent crimes against the Hazara are:
• Ignoring demands for their basic rights and equal treatment
• Attacks on peaceful Hazara protests, for example on July 23, 2016, a bloody attack on the peaceful protest of the Hazara Enlightenment movement killed and injured over 400 in Kabul.
• Oppressive actions by the government against the Hazara Enlightenment movement including refusal to provide security for its gatherings and protests, isolating and blocking roads at protests, censoring, threatening the movement’s activists with detention, and firing on them from public institutions.
• Using terrorists to obstruct Hazara travel by abducting, torturing, killing, and beheading them, including children and women. This has made the secure passage of Hazara impossible on nearly all roads in Afghanistan.
• Organizing war crimes including bloody attacks on Hazara religious and non- religious gatherings in major cities like Kabul and Mazar i Sharif.
• Allowing attacks on Hazara villagers by …read more

From:: Hazara People