With Enlightening Movement’s Demonstration in Munich The Protests Goes on

By Hazara International Network
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The Enlightening Movement of Afghanistan organized a protest in Munich – Germany on Saturday February 18, during the Munich Annual International Security Conference. Hundreds of people arrived from different countries to join the protest.

Among the participants, the former senior producer at BBC World Service “Persian” and currently a senior leader of the Enlightening Movement and people’s high council member, Mr Daoud Naji and the spokesmen of the Enlightening Movement in Munich Sadiq Sherzad, Ghafur Sedaghat, Abbas Mohammadi, Arzu Akhlaqi and Sakhi Zahedi, the poet Raza Wasiq from Belgium, the singer Nabi Husaini, the Enlightening Movement spokesmen for England Ahad Bahaduri, Ali Sahir and the journalist Esmat Amean, Ehsan Ehsani, Rustam Ahmadi, Mohamad Rafie from Austria, Director of Outlook Afghanistan Daily Dr. Hussain Yasa, entrepreneurs and businessmen from Italy Ashraf Barati, Arif Rezai and Hamed Ahmadi, and many representative of the Hazara community in France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland and other countries, the poet, Hussain Madadi, editor of Hazara International Network in Germany, activist Murtaza Mohammadi from Vienna, journalist and Hazara International Network editor-in-chief Basir Ahang, the HIN editor-in-chief in Italy Nicole Valentini were all present in the protest.

During the protest Mr. Daoud Naji as spokesman and senior member of the Enlightening Movement brought three important messages:1) The first message was delivered to the Afghan government. Mr Naji addressed the government that the movement is alive and that there will be no possibility for the Afghan leaders to escape from justice, equality, law and civil rights of the citizens. Mr. Naji added that the Movement is working to bring the responsible(s) of the 23rd July attack before an international criminal court. At the end he said that the Movement can count on thousands of members around the …read more

From:: Hazara People