If Europe Doesn’t ‘Change Its Refugee Policy, It is Destined to Collapse’

The number of migrants being stopped at Germany’s borders has doubled, while voluntarily deportations are on the rise, according to the German media. As the issue is set to be a major political issue ahead of elections next year, Italian journalist Nicole Valentini explains to Sputnik why it is still critical for the European continent.

An increasing number of migrants are voluntarily leaving Germany to return to their homelands while police are refusing entry to more people at the border, according to German media reports.

Nearly 55,000 migrants who were not eligible for or were likely to be denied asylum left Germany voluntarily in 2016, up by 20,000 from the number who left of their own volition in 2015. This is the largest number in 16 years.

People are primarily returning to the Balkans, with five thousand resettled in Kosovo and Serbia each, and three times that much in Albania alone.

However, another five thousand migrants returned home to Iraq this year, and Germany’s upped repatriations to Afghanistan as well.

The figures are based on documents from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).. Migrants opt for going home of their own accord in favor of being deported not just out of fear of a permanent ban.

Some are in it for the money, not unlike other countries struggling with migration, Germany will offer certain groups both cash and a ticket home just to get them out. In total, the government will spend approximately one hundred and fifty million euros to help migrants return home.

Germany’s public international broadcaster Deutsche Welle has cited as an example the money that will get a migrant family of five from Afghanistan: they may receive 4,200 euros ($4,400) in addition to a flight, travel money and other funds that can add up to between 1,000 and 3,000 euros per person.

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