Who is afraid of education?

The state of education in Daykundi

By Nicole Valentini

Daykundi is one of the poorest provinces in Afghanistan. This kind of poverty is mainly due to a clear political will of the different governments that are formed in Afghanistan, despite the billions received in these years from the international community. This money has been given to the majority Pashtun areas, or more often has ended up in some corrupt politicians’ pocket. Daykundi was established as a province in 2004. That time this province had only 15 schools, today there are more than 400 schools; divided in primary, middle and high schools. Despite the poverty, the people of Daykundi have always recognized the great value of education and 44% of students are female.

A great number of these schools in Daykundi are formed without any buildings or suitable structures for students, however this doesn’t stop people pursue their education under the tents or in some cases under three shades, because most of Hazaras believe, education is the only way to get to justice, equality and prosperity, therefore, in spite of all problems and challenges caused by lack of funds for schools in Daykundi, the quality of self-supported schools/education in this Hazara inhabited province is measured very high.

For these reasons is not a surprise if the first female mayor of the whole country, Azra Jafari, has been elected in Nili, (the provincial capital of Daykundi. Every year more and more students from Daykundi attend the difficult exam of University Entrance known as (Concour) in Afghanistan, (only this year more than 6000). This fact, (the statistic of a high percentage of participation in Concour exam from Daykundi) has created among many rulers and politicians of the country, the fear that an educated Hazara population might one day threaten the traditional balance of power that is …read more

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