The Persecution of the Hazara People is a Holocaust in Afghanistan

By Susan AKA Peacefull

I have written the word holocaust in this heading as I just interviewed a jewish woman who is a survivor of the Holocaust. She explained to me the hatred of the Nazi’s towards the jews and how they saw them as vermon. They were tortured, experimented on and persecuted during the Second World War. This woman as a young girl saw horrendous inhumanity that no child should see.

What is evident is when one ethnic group persecutes another on the basis of their religion, their culture or ethnic disposition and so on, great suffering it the outcomes.

It was evident to me speaking with a holocaust survivor that persecuted people must be protected by the international community. I watched the footage of WWII liberation of holocaust survivors today and was reminded of how important equality and human rights are as a global universal standard of a shared civilisation. Moreover, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an example of values that should be upheld through an international community that sees peace and stability inherent in upholding values for all minorities across the world. It is so important that we do not turn our heads away with the muttered belief that there are no economic interests or value in it for us, but to look at the problem through universal eyes whereby all peoples of the world are joined, with an interest in universal human rights as the very foundation to peace and stability across the globe. Importantly it is a statement of who we are as a civilised species. The separation of nation states is a false division, we are all human. I saw that clearly when I travelled the world as a World Peace Clown, I saw nothing but my own people in every country, …read more

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